Detailed timing of the Rounds; Time Zone: CET


  Decision making period           Open         Close
Test Round   
                     1  9th Nov 13:0010th Nov 07:00
                     210th Nov 13:00  11th Nov 07:00  
Qualifier Round     
                     112th Nov 13:0016th Nov 07:00
                     216th Nov 13:0019th Nov 07:00
                     319th Nov 13:0023th Nov 07:00
                     423th Nov 13:0026th Nov 07:00
Semi-final Round   
                     128th Nov 15:0030th Nov 15:00
                     230th Nov 15:1030th Nov 16:00
                     330th Nov 16:1030th Nov 17:00
                     430th Nov 17:1030th Nov 17:50
                     110th Dec 10:1510th Dec 11:00
                     210th Dec 11:1510th Dec 12:00
                     310th Dec 12:0510th Dec 12:50
                     410th Dec 12:5510th Dec 13:40
 Results announcement10th Dec 14:0010th Dec 14:30



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