NIBS International Business Simulation Competition

Step into the shoes of a CEO and run your virtual game developer company successfully! The International Business Simulation Competition is an exciting challenge for students and graduates also, powered by the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), EcoSim and Budapest Business School.

What is involved?

First, we offer you a business simulation challenge, a chance to compete in international environment with a virtual game developer company. The aim of the simulation is to reach the highest corporate value in your market! You can create and delivery your strategy, making business decisions about the pricing, the products and the organizational development and so on.

The winner teams of each market (there will be 4-7 teams / market) qualify for the online semi-finals, where they face a more challenging simulation setup. At the last stage, only the 10 best teams participate and compete for the prizes in the final.

Why should you participate?

We offer a competition in which you will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your management skills during a business simulation game, competing in an international environment

This competition is a great opportunity to practice your theoretical knowledge and sharpen your business acumen in the role of a top manager while playing a business strategy game, investing only 2 hours per week.

You will be in direct competition with other teams from the beginning, managing the TechCo virtual company, which is a game developer company (the manual of the simulation is available on this link).

Besides having a lot of fun, you can win prizes and recognition for yourself and your 
university, and you can support an NGO of your preference.

If the registration fee is difficult to fit into your budget, we encourage you to find a team sponsor who can cover the fee for you. We created a sample offer (download), which you can personalize and perfect with your ideas and use as a negotiation tool. 

Who can apply?

University/College students, graduates or even seniors can form teams of 2 - 4 members and join the competition from all over the world. A business background might be an advantage, but players from any other backgrounds are welcome.

Registration fee for NIBS member school students: 80 EUR/team

Registration fee for non-NIBS teams: 100 EUR/team

The actual list of NIBS member school is available here.

How to apply and pay the registration fee?

1st step

Register your team with all members and your academic mentor (if you have) at the NIBS website.

2nd step

The registration fee is 80 EUR/team for students of NIBS member schools and 100 EUR/team for others.

Payment of the entry fee must be done by the payment deadline: 20th October 2022.

Important, that only one person (the nominated team leader) of the team should manage the payment of the fee. If you need any advice about the payment, please email to

Not paying the fee until the deadline means the cancellation of registration.

The competition starts with the online test round in October, according to the timing.


Are you ready to challenge yourself and be the best manager of a virtual tech company?

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