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Step into the shoes of a CEO
and run your virtual
game developer company!

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Business Simulation Competition!

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International Business Simulation Competition

Are you up for a virtual challenge? Do you have an affinity for business? If you do, this 3-round online competition with the EcoSim TechCo business simulation is for you!

Enter the competition with your friends and be one of the best teams in the qulifications, overcome your competitors in the semi-finals and reach the online finals. You and your team can manage a game developer company to increase the corporate value with good market performance and organizational projects.

The competition is open to anyone (students, graduates, professionals), although economic or business backgrounds might be advantageous. Participation is subject to registration and a registration fee!

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Further information about the timing can be found on the Timinig subpage.

Registration and entry fee deadline
17 and 20 October
Qualification Round
24 Oct - 14 Nov
Semi-final Round
17 November
Final Round
24 November
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Top 3 teams

1st prize

8% of the total entry fee in cash for the team*

2nd prize

4% of the total entry fee in cash for the team*

3rd prize

2% of the total entry fee in cash for the team*

Other prizes

Simulation licence

1-year EcoSim Pro simulation license for the university of the TOP 3 teams.


we donate 6 % of the total entry fee to 3 NGO are chosen by the TOP 3 teams

Simulation coupon

20% EcoSim simulation coupon for the 4th-10th teams’ universities

*based on the registration, not the final prizes.

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You can find detailed list of the teams in Teams subpage.